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Search Plug-ins

A set of search plug-ins for popular sites.

Adding search engines to Camino

For more information about adding new search engines to Camino, please see our Search documentation.

Popular Search Engines

To add one of the search engines in this section, click on the link and then click the Add button in the dialog that follows.

Auto-Discovery of Search Engines on Popular Websites

Camino will automatically discover search engines on some popular websites, including those listed below. To learn more about automatic discovery of search engines, please see our Search documentation.

Other Collections of Search Engines

Other sites provide more extensive lists of search engines for installation. One such site is the Mycroft Project. Many search engines listed by Mycroft with the “A9” icon are compatible with Camino.

Other Documents

If there are any questions, tutorials, or preferences that would be helpful if they were explained in these pages, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will add them as necessary.