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Customizing Search Engines

Searching, just the way you like it.

Customizing Search Engines


The toolbar search field

Camino includes a search field in the toolbar that will allow you to search using Google, Google Images, or Google’s “Search this Site” feature. Thanks to Camino’s support for the OpenSearch format, it’s now easier than ever to add search engines. The new search engine editor also makes it simple to delete or rename search engines, or to change the default search engine in Camino.

Changing the active search engine

To change the search engine used for a search, click on the magnifying glass icon in the search field. Select the desired search engine from the menu and then type your search term and press return. Camino will use that engine as long as the current window is open or until you choose another search engine.

Managing search engines

When you click on the magnifying glass icon in the search field, Camino displays a menu that lists all of the installed search engines as well as options for managing and adding search engines. To manage your existing search engines, choose Manage Search Engines… from the menu, and Camino will open the Search Engines window.

  • To make a different search engine be your default search engine, click on the desired engine and choose Make Default from the Action (the “gear”) button’s menu.
  • To rename a search engine, double-click on it to begin editing, or select it and choose Rename from the Action (the “gear”) button’s menu, and type a new name.
  • To change the order in which search engines appear in the menu, click on the desired engine and drag it to the desired position.
  • To delete a search engine, click on it and press delete or choose Delete from the Action (the “gear”) button’s menu.
  • To delete all of the search engines you have added and restore Camino’s default set of search engines, choose Restore Default Search Engines… from the Action (the “gear”) button’s menu.

Adding new search engines

Camino supports two widely-used methods of adding OpenSearch-supported engines to the toolbar search field.

When you are visiting a page that offers auto-discovery of a search engine, Camino will draw a blue oval around the magnifying glass icon in the search field. When you click on the icon, you will see a menu item to that will add the engine to Camino’s search field. For example, when browsing, clicking on the looking glass icon while it is surrounded by blue will display the search engine menu with a new Add “” menu item. Selecting that menu item will add the search engine for this website to the search field and temporarily make it your default search engine.

Some sites can install new search engines if you click on a special link on one of their pages. After you click on the link, Camino will display a dialog to confirm that you want to install the engine. When you click on the Add button, Camino adds the engine to the toolbar search field.

You can also choose Find Search Engines… from the search field’s menu. This will open the Search Plug-ins page, which includes links that install search engines for many popular sites. The page also links to popular sites that support auto-discovery of search engines and to other sites that have large collections of search engines available for installation.

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