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Have you ever wondered how Camino worked? Want to know what a preference does, or what features might be lurking behind that button? Switching from another browser? Or (gasp!) are you having a problem with Camino? No matter what your question, help is just around the corner.


Camino 2 contains a large number of powerful features, including everything you expect from a modern web browser. Tabs, bookmarks, the ability to protect your privacy and block annoyances like ads and pop-ups, and other Camino features are all explained in our Documentation. If you want to know how to do something in Camino, this is your first stop!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Camino” mean? Does Camino support RSS or Atom feeds? Where is my personal information stored? How do I change the language used by the spell-checker? How do I import bookmarks from another browser? These questions and many more are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Support Forum

Camino users help each other out in the Camino forum at mozillaZine. If you are having a problem and can’t find an answer in our Documentation or elsewhere, the Camino forum is the fastest place to get help. While the forum is mainly filled with knowledgeable users and Camino fans, some Camino developers also monitor the forum.

Reporting Bugs

If you’d like to report a crash or other bug in Camino, please see our Bugzilla FAQ page for more information. If you’re not sure if your question is a bug or a support request, please visit the Camino forum first.