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Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick access to all your favorite Camino features.

Camino Menu Shortcuts
Preferences… Command-Comma
Empty Cache Command-Option-E
Hide Camino Command-H
Hide Others Command-Option-H
Quit Camino Command-Q
File Menu Shortcuts
New Window Command-N
New Tab Command-T
Open File… Command-O
Open Location… Command-L
Search the Web… Command-Option-F
Close Window (with tabs) Command-Shift-W
Close Window (without tabs) Command-W
Close All Windows Command-Option-W
Close Tab Command-W
Save As… Command-S
Email Page Location Command-Shift-L
Page Setup… Command-Shift-P
Print… Command-P
Edit Menu Shortcuts
Undo Command-Z
Redo Command-Shift-Z
Cut Command-X
Copy Command-C
Paste Command-V
Select All Command-A
Fill Form Command-Shift-F
Find in Page… Command-F
Find Again Command-G
Find Previous Command-Shift-G
Use Selection for Find Command-E
View Menu Shortcuts
Show/Hide Toolbar Command-Shift-T
Show/Hide Bookmark Bar Command-Shift-B
Stop Loading Page Command-Period
Reload Page Command-R
Force Reload Page Command-Shift-R
Reload All Tabs Command-Option-R
Force Reload All Tabs Command-Shift-Option-R
Page Info (for pages) Command-I
Bookmark Info (for bookmarks) Command-I
Zoom In Command-Equals
Actual Size Command-0
Zoom Out Command-Minus
Make Text Bigger Command-Option-Equals
Make Text Default Command-Option-0
Make Text Smaller Command-Option-Minus
View Page Source Command-Option-V
History Menu Shortcuts
Home Command-Shift-H
Back Command-[
Forward Command-]
Show History Command-Y
Bookmarks Menu Shortcuts
Bookmark Current Page… Command-K
Bookmark Current Page
(without sheet)
Bookmark Current Tabs as Tab Group… Command-Option-K
Bookmark Current Tabs as Tab Group
(without sheet)
Add Bookmark Folder… Command-Shift-N
Show Bookmark Manager Command-B
Window Menu Shortcuts
Minimize Command-M
Minimize All Command-Option-M
Zoom All Option-Zoom
Previous Tab Command-Option-Left Arrow
Next Tab Command-Option-Right Arrow
Show/Hide Tab Overview Command-Control-T
Downloads Command-Shift-D
Other Shortcuts
Camino Help (Mac OS X 10.4 only) Command-Question
Open URL in Camino Command-Shift-U
Open Link in New Window/Tab Command-Click
Focus Location Bar Command-L
Focus Search Field Command-Option-F
Reverse the Load in background setting
for Open Link in New Window/Tab,
View Source, and other commands
which open new windows/tabs
Open in New Tabs
(tab group or folder in the Bookmarks menu)
Open in a new tab
(bookmark, tab group, or history item)
Open current page in a new tab Command-Return in the location bar
Save current page Option-Return in the location bar
Open search results in a new tab Command-Return in the search field
Open nth bookmark or tab group on
Bookmark Bar
Command-1 through Command-9
Reverse the Zoom Text Only setting
for Zoom In/Out or Text Size commands
Select a range of items in the Downloads window Click, then Shift-Click
Select all items in the Downloads window Command-A
Open selected item(s) in the Downloads window Command-Down Arrow
Never Save for this Website
in the Save this Password in your Keychain? sheet
Don’t Save
in the Save this Password in your Keychain? sheet
Command-D or Escape
Stop animated GIFs Escape
Close Panel
(Find, Page Info, Bookmark Info)
Maximize window to fill screen Shift-Zoom
Maximize all windows to fill screen Shift-Option-Zoom
Click-and-Move Scrolling Command-Option-Click and move the mouse
Horizontal Page Scrolling Shift-Scrollwheel
Scroll the tab bar by a full window Option-Click the tab bar scroll arrows
Find As You Type Forward Slash starts, then type
Find As You Type (links only) Single Quote starts, then type


If you would prefer to use some other keystroke for a certain menu item, you can use the standard Mac OS X method of customizing keyboard shortcuts, the “Keyboard & Mouse” pane of the System Preferences. For information on how to change keyboard shortcuts using this method, please see this entry in our FAQ.

Other Documents

If there are any questions, tutorials, or preferences that would be helpful if they were explained in these pages, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will add them as necessary.