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Camino 1.6 Release Notes - Complete

The complete log of new features and bug fixes in Camino 1.6 since the release of Camino 1.5.

Changes in Camino 1.6

  • General
    • Safari now appears in the list of available feed readers on Mac OS X 10.4 and above.
    • Opening a history item from the recent pages at the top of the History menu in a new tab or window by holding down the Command key works again.
    • Camino now supports multi-touch gestures for back, forward, page up, and page down.
    • The Camino disk image no longer has scrollbars on Mac OS X 10.5 when the Finder’s path bar is enabled.

Changes in Camino 1.6 Beta 4

  • General
    • Fixes a possible crash when clicking a <select>.
    • Fixes a possible crash when opening the Privacy preferences.

Changes in Camino 1.6 Beta 3

  • General
    • Camino now requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher.
    • Camino no longer takes a long time to relaunch after software update on Mac OS X 10.5.
    • Camino now displays more dates using the format set in System Preferences.
    • Camino now includes the ability to pass feeds to certain web-based feed readers.
    • Restored the “bounds” property to Camino’s AppleScript dictionary.
    • The appearance of the Bookmark Bar and the Find Bar now more closely match the appearance of secondary toolbars on Mac OS X 10.5.
    • Camino will now show a warning on the first launch of a new release if it detects any third-party add-ons that have previously caused problems.
    • Moving a bookmark to a folder with AppleScript no longer causes Camino to delete the folder.
    • Cancelling a toolbar script action will no longer cause a beep.
  • Preferences
    • New windows now open in the foreground instead of following the preference that controls whether tabs open in the foreground or background.
    • The Web Features preference pane has been reorganized and simplified.
    • The preference to prevent pages from moving, changing, or resizing windows has been enabled by default.
  • Privacy & Security
    • Camino can now store information in the Keychain for multiple accounts at the same site and can use information for multiple accounts stored by other browsers.
    • When storing a password in the Keychain, Camino now includes the account name in the name of the Keychain item.
  • Tabs
    • The icon on the tab bar that displays a menu of all open tabs now looks active when it is available.
    • The animated progress spinners on loading tabs have been replaced by a static icon that appears when the tabs are still loading.
  • User Interface
    • Activating Camino by clicking on the Dock icon when a modal dialog is showing will no longer create a new window.
    • The search engine editor now includes an option to reset the list of search engines to the default set.
    • Camino no longer rediscovers already-installed search plug-ins that the user has renamed.
    • The toolbar search field’s menu now contains an item that links to a list of search engine plug-ins.
    • The “Search the Web…” sheet now supports auto-detection of search engine plug-ins.
    • The Find Bar’s close button is now in the tab chain.
    • The Find Bar is now specific to the active tab and now closes automatically when moving to a new page.
    • Pressing Return in the Find Bar’s search field no longer causes the field to lose focus.
    • The “Quit” button is no longer the default button in the sheet that appears when trying to quit Camino with downloads in progress.
    • Swapped the keyboard shortcuts for “Fill Form” and “Search the Web…” so that the latter would be Command-Option-F as specified in the revised Human Interface Guidelines.
    • Replaced “Cancel” buttons in many alerts with buttons that better describe the actions they will perform.
    • Polished a number of toolbar icons so that they fit better with the appearance of Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Web Page Interaction
    • Context menus for text fields now include an item that allows enabling or disabling of spell-checking in that field.
    • On Mac OS X 10.5, the context menus for text fields now include a sub-menu that allows users to change the active spelling language.
    • When adding letters to an existing search term, the new Find bar will no longer jump to the next match.
    • Tabbing to or clicking on a <select> will now focus the <select> immediately, instead of after selecting a value from the menu.
    • Camino now supports the window.blur method for sending a window to the background.
    • Improved ad-blocking.

Changes in Camino 1.6 Beta 2

  • General
    • Camino 1.6 Beta 2 fixes a common crash in Camino 1.6 Beta 1.

Changes in Camino 1.6 Beta 1

  • General
    • Camino no longer asks to set itself as the default browser if it has never been launched before.
    • The About window now displays the Gecko version in addition to the Camino version and build ID.
    • When saving a web page as a PDF from the Print dialog, Camino suggests the page’s title as the filename.
  • Bookmarks
    • Deleted bookmarks will be removed from bookmark search result lists.
    • The list of default bookmarks created with a fresh installation of Camino has been extensively revised.
    • Bookmarks created without visiting a page now have a “Last Visited” date of “Never.”
  • Downloading
    • Camino provides the Mac OS X 10.5 Quarantine system with enhanced information about downloaded files.
    • On Mac OS X 10.4 and above, Camino sets the “Where From” metadata attribute on downloaded files.
  • Preferences
    • It is no longer possible to accidentally hide the toolbar in the Preferences window.
    • Cookies, cookie exceptions, and keychain exclusions are now grouped by site when sorting.
    • It is now possible to select an entry for a particular server in the cookies exceptions list and make that exception apply to other servers at the same site.
    • Improved the accessibility of preference panes by ensuring proper tab key behavior when Full Keyboard Access is enabled.
    • It is now possible to set the default monospaced font in the “Advanced…” sheet of the font preferences. The interface to set cursive and fantasy fonts has been removed.
  • Privacy & Security
    • The list of sites for which Camino never saves passwords can now be edited in the Privacy preference pane.
    • Resetting Camino now clears the “Last Visited” date on bookmarks.
    • It is no longer possible to cut or copy the contents of password fields.
  • Tabs
    • Progress spinners from loading tabs no longer bleed through to other tabs.
  • User Interface
    • The Find panel has been replaced by a Find toolbar that appears near the bottom of the browser window.
    • The search field in the toolbar now includes a simple editor that allows deleting, renaming, or reordering search engines.
    • Camino now supports OpenSearch search engine plug-ins. New search engines can be added to the toolbar's search field by automatic discovery, or by web pages that provide links to OpenSearch plug-ins.
    • In the “Save this password?” dialog, Command-D now functions as a shortcut for “Don’t Save”, and Command-N has been restored as a shortcut for “Never Save for this Website”.
    • The initially-focused button and tab order in alerts and other dialogs now follow the expected behavior.
    • Clicking in the autocomplete drop-down no longer causes focus to remain in the location bar.
    • Camino now closes any open menus when sheets or dialogs appear.
  • Web Page Interaction
    • Upgraded the “Block Flash animations” code to use Flashblock 1.5.5.
    • Camino now hides the cursor when using the Page Up and Page Down keys.

Changes in Camino 1.6 Alpha 1

  • General
    • Camino now checks for new releases automatically.
    • Enhanced AppleScript support.
      • It is now possible to add, open, and delete bookmarks via AppleScript.
      • AppleScripts can now refer to individual tabs and windows.
      • Camino now supports custom toolbar items written in AppleScript.
    • When changing Chinese, Japanese, or Korean font preferences, the “Advanced” sheet will now set the font correctly.
    • Alerts and prompts that appear while Camino is hidden will now display properly when un-hiding Camino.
    • Camino will no longer claim to support the gopher protocol.
    • Large download lists and corrupt site icons no longer cause Camino to stop loading pages or opening windows.
    • Camino will now purge expired site icons from the site icon cache when quitting.
    • Camino now includes a reference to Firefox in the user-agent string sent to web servers. This improves compatibility with websites that incorrectly check for Firefox instead of Gecko.
    • The Camino application icon now contains a 512x512 pixel version for better integration with Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Downloading
    • When Camino is set to open downloaded files, the application that opens the file will now come to the front.
    • Items in the Downloads window can now be dragged to move them to new locations or open them in applications.
  • Localization
    • Dates in the History window are displayed according to the user’s locale.
  • Preferences
    • Camino now remembers the most recently selected preference pane across restarts.
    • The action menu in the “Show Cookies” sheet now contains items to add sites to the exceptions list.
    • Camino can now set the default browser or feed reader in cases where no application had already been set as the default.
  • Privacy & Security
    • The Keychain will no longer repeatedly prompt for access if access has been granted recently.
    • Camino will no longer fill disabled password fields.
    • Camino will upgrade old Keychain entries saved by versions of Camino prior to 1.5 the first time the entry is used instead of the first time the entry is changed.
    • Camino now stores Internationalized Domain Names using Punycode when saving passwords in the Keychain.
    • The sheets for changing or remembering passwords no longer prevent pages from loading.
  • Tabs
    • The tab bar is now scrollable. When more tabs are open than can be displayed in the tab bar, right and left scroll arrows appear.
    • The tab overflow menu has been replaced by a menu displaying all open tabs in the current window.
    • The mouse scroll wheel will scroll the tab bar.
    • Option-clicking on the tab scroll buttons scrolls a window’s width of tabs.
    • Camino now honors the browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground hidden preference to load tabs created by links that would open new windows in the background.
    • When an alert causes tab focus to change, closing the alert will return focus to the original tab.
    • When a page is loading, a progress spinner displays in place of the site icon on the tab.
  • User Interface
    • The search fields in the toolbar and the Privacy preference pane are now proper NSSearchFields.
    • It is no longer possible to tab to the toolbar search field when the field is collapsed.
    • The status bar now has a dark grey, rounded appearance on Mac OS X 10.5.
    • “New Tab” and “Open File…” are now disabled when a View Source window is active.
  • Web Page Interaction
    • Improved ad-blocking.
    • Pressing the spacebar when a <select> is focused will now display its pop-up menu.
    • The onbeforeunload event now fires when closing tabs or windows.
    • When viewing the source of a frame, Camino now uses cached data instead of requesting the frame again.
    • When a web page focuses a minimized window, Camino now properly restores the window from the Dock.
    • Upgraded “Block flash animations” to use Flashblock

Known Issues

See the Camino 1.6 Release Notes for the list of known issues with Camino 1.6.


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