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Camino 0.8 Release Notes

Camino 0.8 is no longer the most recent release. Please download the latest stable release.

The following changes and improvements have been made since the Camino 0.7 release. Since the list of improvements and bug-fixes are too numerous to name individually, these are the most important changes made in this release:

Major Changes

  • A new look and icon set
  • Upgraded Gecko HTML rendering engine to 1.7 final from 1.0, yielding performance and web page rendering enhancements, as well as a large number of bug-fixes
  • A more-compact download manager UI
  • Entirely rewritten bookmark system, capable of importing Safari, IE, and Mozilla bookmarks, with Bonjour (Rendezvous) and Address Book integration and multi-level undo support
  • "Top Ten" bookmark collection, based on your ten most-visited sites
  • Searchable bookmarks
  • Google Search field in toolbar
  • Ability to manage individual cookies, sorting and editing cookie allow/deny lists
  • Ability to unblock popups on a per-site basis (popup white-listing)
  • User profile migrated to ~/Library/Application Support/Camino
  • Incremental, type-ahead find in the content area
  • Automatic size-to-fit for image images larger than the viewable content area
  • Hundreds of smaller improvements and bug-fixes to the user interface

Changes since the 0.8beta release

  • Click-hold session history menus on the Back and Forward buttons
  • XSLT support
  • Startup speed improvements with a large bookmark set
  • Security fixes for Mac OS X protocol exploit
  • Tabbing from URL field to Google Search field works correctly
  • Improved bookmark importing
  • "View Frame Source" correctly displays the frame’s html instead of that of the frame set
  • New keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs that work better with non-US keyboards
  • More bugfixes and general enhancements to the UI and Gecko rendering engine

User Interface

  • If you’ve customized your toolbar, the Google search field might not show up automatically. Use "View:Customize Toolbar" to add it.
  • The list of search engines can be easily customized, see "Help:Customizing Search Engines"
  • The bookmark sidebar has been replaced by an in-window bookmark organizer, allowing many more features and better management
  • Site "favicons" (small images specified by the web page that display in the bookmarks bar and menu) are removed when Camino crashes because Gecko invalidates the disk cache.
  • Activate type-ahead find by typing a "/" when the content area has focus. As you type, the nearest text matching the current find string will be highlighted. To find the next occurrence, use "Edit:Find again". To cancel type-ahead find, press Escape.

Migrating from Camino 0.7

  • The user profile has moved to ~/Library/Application Support/Camino and no longer contains a nested "salted" (xxxxx.slt) profile directory.
  • The profile will be migrated at first run and the original profile will not be touched. The disk cache will not be copied, but cookies and bookmarks will.
  • By default, the dock menu shows the contents of the "Top Ten" bookmark container and will appear empty when upgrading from 0.7 (which did not have this container). Visiting web pages will populate the container and the menu.
  • If you have problems migrating your profile, please contact us at

Java Issues

  • If you are running Mac OS X 10.1.5, you need to download the MRJPlugin to run java applets.
  • Typing and dragging in Java applets does not work correctly.

Known 10.3-only issues

  • A bug in 10.3 causes text in IFRAMEs to "float" as the window is resized and not repaint correctly when scrolled. This has been fixed in 10.3.4.
  • A bug in 10.3 can cause multiple bookmarks to appear on the Bookmark Bar or Desktop when dragged from Camino. No ETA from Apple on a fix.
  • A bug in 10.3's built-in pre-binding script requires Camino to run its own at startup. The first time you run Camino, it may take several minutes to complete depending on the speed of your machine as it works in the background. You will notice a high amount of disk activity while it is pre-binding. The end result will be much improved startup times for every subsequent launch.

Known issues

  • Images on some webpages (such as the rating stars on render incorrectly when your display is set to thousands of colors. The workaround is to set your display to millions of colors (bug 239701).
  • Shockwave Director content displays at the wrong location in the window, if hardware rendering is enabled.
  • The Windows Media Player plugin is not compatible with Camino.
  • If you try to open Camino AppleScript dictionary, say from Script Editor, you’ll get an error. To work around this, open the application package, and remove the “Localized.rsrc” file in Contents/Resources/English.lproj. This will, however, prevent Shockwave Director content from loading so we recommend you do this on a copy of the application.
  • While the worst issues from 0.7 have been resolved, some issues remain when typing in non-Roman languages


English  |  Multilingual

Release Date

June 23, 2004

Available Languages

  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English (US)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Slovak
  • Spanish