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Open Source Macintosh Web browser based on Mozilla Technology adds new features, improves integration

Camino 1.5 Browser Released

Open Source Macintosh Web browser based on Mozilla Technology adds new features, improves integration

The Camino® Project is pleased to announce the release of Camino 1.5, a free update to the popular Web browser for the Mac OS X operating system.

Built on the popular Mozilla® Gecko rendering engine, Camino 1.5 builds on the success as of the stable, full-featured, open source Web browser.

“We’re very proud of the new features and changes in this release,” Mike Pinkerton, the Camino Project’s leader remarked. “As always, making browsing simpler and better for users is our top priority. Camino 1.5 includes many advances for our users.”

Camino 1.5 is available today as a free download from the Camino Project’s Web site at

Continued Integration with Mac OS X

Camino 1.5 continues the tradition of tight integration with the features of Mac OS X that the browser is known for. When writing in text fields on web pages—whether posting in an online forum or writing a blog entry—Camino now uses the same spelling checker as other Mac applications such as iChat, Pages, and Mail.

Camino now has enhanced support for the Mac OS X Keychain password storage system, and the browser can read and share passwords with other applications, including Apple’s Safari Web browser. Additionally, Camino now automatically detects syndicated feeds (like RSS and Atom) on web pages and can forward them to the preferred feed-reading application, such as NetNewsWire, the world‘s most popular feed-reading application.

New Features

The new features in Camino 1.5 continue the project’s focus on building a browser for users that elimates annoyances on the Web. This latest version includes an enhanced pop-up blocker, making it easier to eliminate annoying pop-up advertisements while allowing legitimate pop-up windows. Addtionally, Camino has added the ability to disable all plug-ins, as well as an option to prevent Flash animations from playing until the user clicks the play icon.

Camino 1.5 also features enhancements to tabbed browsing, including returning to the original tab after viewing a new tab (“tab jumpback”) and the ability to make links that would ordinarily open new windows open new tabs instead.

The new session saving feature remembers tabs and windows that were open when the user quits and restores them the next time the browser starts, making quitting in the middle of something and restarting work later as painless as possible. Along with session saving comes the ability to restore previously open tabs and windows after an unexpected crash, which makes the rare problem less painful.

Together these features make browsing easier, less annoying and more productive for all Camino users.

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