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New Open Source Web Browser Combines the Power of Mozilla Technology and the Mac OS X Operating System

Camino 1.0 Browser Released

New Open Source Web Browser Combines the Power of Mozilla Technology and the Mac OS X Operating System

The Camino® Project is proud to introduce the Camino 1.0 browser, a Web browser for the Mac OS X operating system built on the open source Mozilla® Gecko rendering engine.

“I’m incredibly proud of our volunteer team and community, delivering speed, stability, and a wealth of features while still remaining very easy to use,” said Mike Pinkerton, the Camino Project‘s leader. “Moving forward from 1.0, we expect to deliver new innovations while continuing to provide the best possible Web experience on Mac OS X.”

Camino 1.0 is available today as a free download from the Camino Project‘s Web site at

Full-Featured Web Browser

Considered one of the fastest Web browsers on Mac OS X, Camino also integrates tightly with the platform, adopting the refined style, user-focused interface, and cutting-edge technologies that are hallmarks of the Macintosh experience. The project’s development philosophy embraces these ideals, so Camino includes built-in technology to block pop-ups and ads, allowing users to view the Web as it was meant to be seen -- annoyance-free.

With its elegant tabbed browsing implementation, Camino allows users to view several Web pages at once without cluttering the screen with multiple windows. The bookmarks manager offers an easy way for users to search and sort their bookmarks and history. To make downloading simple and unobtrusive, Camino provides a compact downloads manager that can pause and resume in-progress downloads and open completed ones with a single click.

By integrating seamlessly with Mac OS X system services and technologies, Camino fits cleanly onto Macintosh desktops. Camino uses the system Address Book when filling out Web forms and saves passwords in the Keychain data store. Camino also reads settings from the Mac OS X System Preferences whenever possible, saving users from entering information multiple times. In addition, the Spotlight search utility can search Camino’s bookmarks, and support for Bonjour networking technology is included in the bookmarks manager.

Built on Mozilla’s Gecko Rendering Engine

Camino uses Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine to display Web pages. Gecko is the leader in standards-based rendering, supporting HTML, XHTML, CSS, SVG, MathML and other specifications defined by the World Wide Web Consortium. Since it is powered by the same Gecko rendering engine as the popular Mozilla Firefox® Web browser, Camino is also compatible with billions of Web pages around the world.

Open Source

Camino is built using the open source development model, which leverages the talents of a worldwide community. Under this system everyone has an opportunity to help improve Camino by volunteering to write code, test releases, write documentation, and even translate Camino into the world’s many languages. By working together contributors enable the Camino Project to fulfill its mission of providing the best possible browsing experience on Mac OS X. Information on contributing is available on the Camino Project’s Web site at


Released under the Mozilla Public License, Camino 1.0 is a free download and is available now from

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About the Camino Project

The Camino Project is the community group charged with developing the Camino Web browser. Composed of volunteer programmers, designers, and other contributors around the world, the Camino Project is dedicated to providing the best Web browsing experience possible on Mac OS X. Learn more about the Camino Project at



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