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Chimera 0.6 Release Notes

Chimera 0.6 is no longer the most recent release. Please download the latest stable release.

There is a known issue with Chimera and Macromedia Shockwave Flash 6.0r47, which can cause crashes. To avoid this, download and install the latest Macromedia Flash Player (currently at version 6.0r67).

There appears to be a software conflict between NortonAutoProtect (part of Norton Antivirus), and the Talkback feature that sends crash reports back to Netscape. If NortonAutoProtect is active, the Talkback application can cause a kernel panic on quit, forcing you to restart your machine. If you experience this or a similar conflict, please contact us with details of your OS and Norton versions, and then disable NortonAutoProtect, or turn off Talkback.

There is a known problem with Chimera 0.6 crashing on startup, if your home directory is on a network volume. We are working to resolve this.

New features

  • Added support of Keychain to save web site passwords.
  • Buttons for "Bigger Text"/"Smaller Text", and "Add Bookmark" can now be added to the main toolbar.
  • Can now bring up contextual menus on tabs, to close or reload them.
  • Can now set your preferred search page in the preferences.
  • Clicking the proxy icon (next to the url bar) now selects the url.
  • Can now edit the list of sites from which you wish to accept cookies.
  • Added Talkback, which reports data about crashes back to Netscape.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved stability and fixed a number of drawing issues with plugins
  • Fix startup crash when RealPlayer is installed.
  • Disk image (".dmg") files downloaded from misconfigured web servers no longer load in the browser window
  • Changed the scheme used to detect whether other copies of Chimera are running, to fix stale lock problems.
  • Local file listings work now (drag a folder from the Finder into the browser window).
  • The expanded state of bookmark folders in the sidebar is now saved between sessions.
  • Rearranged the Preference panes; exposed preferences to re-enable popups, and disable plugins.
  • The font preferences in the Appearance preferences pane was redone to simplify it, and fix bugs.
  • Fixed various security issues in the layout engine.
  • Saving a page with non-Roman characters in the title works better now.
  • Fixed the keyboard shortcuts for forward/back to respect Command-arrow combinations, when not editing text.
  • Improved drag and drop support between Chimera and Carbon applications, and to the dock.
  • Fixed some problems launching helper applications on Mac OS 10.1
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues toggling the visibility of the bookmarks toolbar.
  • Changed the default bookmarks for new profiles.
  • Fixed some issues with importing large bookmarks files.
  • If loading the bookmarks file fails, because it is invalid XML, save a "parser error" file that indicates where the problem lies.
  • Chimera's User-Agent string now contains "Chimera" to allow for browser tracking.
  • Various memory leaks were fixed

Known Issues

  • Cosmetic issues occur with some plugins, notably Java, RealPlayer video, and QuickTime, particularly when scrolling. To work around problems displaying RealPlayer videos, open another tab, then switch back to the tab with the video.
  • Clicking and typing in Java applets doesn't always work correctly.
  • Crashes can occur with "scriptable" plugins which are built for previous Netscape browsers. To avoid this, go into your /Library/Internet Plug-ins folder, and remove the files that have ".xpt" extensions. Note that this will disable some plugin capabilities in Netscape browsers, but should prevent Chimera from crashing.
  • Chimera may crash at startup if your home directory is on a network volume.
  • Page Setup options are not honored yet, and there are issues with the Print dialog on Mac OS 10.1.
  • Sometimes, on Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar), Navigator won't stick as your default browser. If you have this problem, try removing the following files and reboot your machine:
  • Sometimes, a background window will pop to the front when its page finishes loading.
  • Chimera will sometimes use a lot of CPU after waking from sleep. To avoid this, close Chimera windows before putting the machine to sleep.
  • Services support isn't fully implemented in the web content yet.
  • There is no way to export bookmarks to HTML.
  • Dragging an image to the Finder doesn't do the right thing.
  • After doing a "View Source" on a page, you can't save the page source. As a workaround, save the original page as HTML, or Select All in the source, and Copy.
  • There is no History visible in the UI by default. You can make the History tab in the sidebar visible by adding this line to your prefs.js file in the Chimera profile folder:
    user_pref("chimera.show_history", true);



Release Date

November 4, 2002

Available Languages

  • English (US)