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Chimera 0.5 Release Notes

Chimera 0.5 is no longer the most recent release. Please download the latest stable release.

The following bug fixes and improvements have been made since Chimera 0.4:


  • Performance is much better with large numbers of tabs open. The tabs are now all equal width, and can show the site icon (which is draggable).


  • A downloading dialog is shown now, for file downloads, and when saving pages. A number of bugs were fixed, related to the download file disappearing, and downloading BinHex files.


  • Several fixes make the Java plugin more stable now, particularly on Mac OS 10.2.
  • Some other plugin drawing and stability fixes were done.


  • Fixed display of non-Roman characters in bookmarks text in the UI.
  • Added the Universal Character set detector, which improves the display of pages in non-Roman character encodings.
  • Changed the package layout of the Navigator package to allow for localizations.
  • Typing in Japanese and other multi-byte languages mostly works now.


  • Importing of bookmarks files containing illegal characters was made more reliable, and can no longer leave you with a corrupted bookmarks file.
  • Fixed some issues that caused a multi-line bookmarks toolbar to display incorrectly.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Changed forward/back and next/previous tab keyboard shortcuts, to avoid conflicting with the use of Command-arrow key combinations for text navigation.

Drag and Drop

  • Improved dragging of links from browser window; page links can now be dragged onto other tabs, into the bookmarks sidebar, and onto the bookmarks toolbar.
  • Improved drag and drop of bookmarks, and items on the bookmarks toolbar, which can now be reordered, dragged to the trash to delete them, and cloned with option-drag.
  • You can now drag bookmarks and links to tabs, and drag from tabs to other tabs or bookmark locations (click on the tab icon to drag). Dragging into the background area behind the tabs will create a new tab.

Copy and Paste

  • Fixed some issues with linebreaks, and Unicode data, when copying and pasting between Chimera and other applications.

Tabbed Browser

  • New tabs now always appear on the right-hand side of the tabbed browser view, because having tabs appear next to the current view confused some users.

User Interface

  • Added site icons (favicons) for the url bar, and tabs. You can also make them visible for bookmarks by setting the pref to true in prefs.js, but this can cause some page-loading delays at startup.
  • Added some updated icons for various toolbar buttons.


  • The search page (loaded in response to Go->Search Page) uses the Internet Config setting now. Unfortunately, Apple removed UI for that setting from the Internet system preferences pane in Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar). See the "Known issues" section below for a workaround.


  • The Build ID, which identifies the day the build was made, is shown on the splash screen, and in the About window now.
  • Updated Chimera to use a more recent version of the Mozilla 1.0 code, which brings with it changes in many parts of the code, many of which are security related.
  • On quitting, the prefs.js file is backed up now to prefs.bak.
  • Holding down the shift key while clicking the reload button always fetches the page from the server now.
  • XHTML files are loaded correctly now.



Release Date

September 9, 2002

Available Languages

  • English (US)